Class 6 Sanskrit NCERT Solution

CLASS 6 Sanskrit NCERT Question and Solution 


NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Sanskrit will provide you all topics
of CBSE class 6 Sanskrit syllabus we will explain all the solution in detail so that it can help to improve your knowledge conceptually and you will
understand the subject and fall in love with Sanskrit.

All of the solutions of NCERT have a detailed step-by-step explanation of problems given in the NCERT textbooks.

The Class 6 Sanskrit NCERT Solution includes all the answers of questions provided in NCERT textbook.


Sanskrit NCERT Solutions for Class 6 – Chapter wise



  • Chapter 1: अकारान्त-नपुंसकलिङ्ग:

  • Chapter 2: अकारान्त-पुँल्लिङ्ग:

  • Chapter 3: अङ्गुलीयकं प्राप्तम् (पञ्चमी-षष्ठीविभक्तिः)

  • Chapter 4: अहह आः च

  • Chapter 5: आकारान्त-स्त्रीलिङ्ग:

  • Chapter 6: कृषिकाः कर्मवीराः

  • Chapter 7: क्रीडास्पर्धा (सर्वनामप्रयोगः)

  • Chapter 8: दशमः त्वम् असि (संख्यावाचिपदानि)

  • Chapter 9: पुष्पोत्सवः (सप्तमी-विभक्तिः)

  • Chapter 10: बकस्य प्रतीकारः (अव्ययप्रयोगः)

  • Chapter 11: मातुलचन्द्र!! (बालगीतम्)

  • Chapter 12: लोकमङ्गलम्

  • Chapter 13: वृक्षाः

  • Chapter 14: समुद्रतटः (तृतीया-चतुर्थीविभक्तिः)

  • Chapter 15: सूक्तिस्तबकः

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